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Brookside Capital, an affiliate of Bain Capital, is one of the world's leading global long/short equity managers.

Long Term Track Record of Success

Brookside’s experienced team of industry-focused professionals has provided attractive risk-adjusted returns since 1996.

Fundamental Analysis and Bottom-up Stock Picking

We employ a fundamental bottom-up research process, which emphasizes primary due diligence and field-based research to gain conviction around our investment theses.

Strong Alignment of Interest

As the largest investor in the Fund, Brookside and Bain Capital employees are strongly aligned with our investors. Our goal is to maximize returns over a full market cycle.

A Multi-Year Investment Horizon

Our approach is rooted in the belief that businesses create value over a multi-year time horizon. Our focus is on identifying the ‘big ideas’ in each industry and defining the variables that will drive value over time.